Get to Know Me, Myself & I

Hey you – thank you for visiting Whimsical Banana, I hope this won’t be your one and only visit!  Here’s a little more about the girl behind Whimsical Banana…

Firstly, for those who are wondering: the name of this site is a play on what I would describe myself and how I am most commonly described by others.

My name is Faith-Ashleigh and I am a freelance reviewer from Auckland, New Zealand.  I am currently based in the UK/Ireland where I am a comedy and theatre reviewer for Broadway Baby, one of the largest review publications in the Edinburgh Festival Fringe.  I am also a guest contributor at online culture magazine and former TV blogger for My reviews can also be found at and  

Launched in 2011, Whimsical Banana was originally just a personal blog which I used as a platform to talk about the things I loved but now I am proud to say that through a lot of hard work and dedication, it has developed in to an independent performing arts review website. The website has established a great reputation and been positively received in New Zealand and I hope to achieve the same success here in the UK.

When I am not writing or attending a show, I spend most of my time parked in front of the telly – I am your quintessential couch potato.  I am addicted to way too many TV shows but I also enjoy indulging my inner geek through playing (PS3) games.

I am also a self-professed foodie and wannabe chef.  I’m always on the look out for new and fun places to wine and dine at as well as trying out new recipes, cooking and baking my own tasty treats.

As of 2014, I will be featuring reviews from Australia, specifically the Melbourne comedy circuit. These reviews will be contributed by a friend and fellow comedy geek who will be writing under the pseudonym ‘The Laughing Kiwi’.

I am always keen to check out new shows while also seeking more writing experience, so if you like what you have read and would love to have me contribute reviews or review your show, please get in touch!


Well I try to live my life, I try to live it well
When it’s over, is it heaven or is it hell
I better be happy now coz no one can tell me
Coz nobody knows
I’m gonna be happy with the way that I am
I’m gonna be happy with all that I stand for
I’m gonna be happy now

~ The Boy’s Gone, Jason Mraz

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