NZ Comedy Festival 2013

NZICF 2013

My Reviews from the 2013 New Zealand International Comedy Festival:
(These can also be viewed on the Comedy Festival website!)

Comedy Gala

Comedy All Stars – First Night at the BMC
Line up: Stuart Goldsmith (compère), Elis James, Andrew Bird, Markus Birdman, James Acaster, Chris Martin

Chris Martin – Spot The Difference

Elis James

Stephen K Amos – The Spokesman

Idiots of Ants – Model Citizens

Dr Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown, Brown and his Singing Tiger

Doctor Brown in befrdfgth

Terry Williams – The Grin Reaper

Danny Bhoy – Dear Epson…

Tom Rhodes

Tom Green

Wayne Brady – Still Makin’ Sh*t Up

Gordon Southern – The Kerfuffle

Urzila Carlson – The Long Flight to Freedom

Tom Gleeson

Arj Barker – Go Time

David Ladderman – Battle of the Bastards

The Boy with Tape on his Face – More Tape

Titty Bar Ha Ha

James Acaster

Le Comique
Line up: Jarred Christmas & Urzila Carlson (compères), Ian D Montfort, Titty Bar Ha Ha, The Boy  with Tape on his Face, Markus Birdman, James Acaster, Barnie Duncan, Greg Ellis as Vance Fontaine and his Peculiar Sensations, Clayton Carrick-Leslie

Tom Binns as Ian D Montfort

Dan Nightingale – On Love, On Life and on the North Island

Markus Birdman – Love, Life and Death

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