NZICF 2013: Chris Martin – Spot The Difference

Chris Martin - Spot the Difference

If you’ve ever wondered how you win at yoga or if you think pugs are not real dogs, Chris Martin’s original brand of dry and witty observational comedy is sure to hit the spot.  Returning to New Zealand after his debut in 2012, Chris is back on our shores with a brand new show.

Throughout the hour, Chris shares with us a whirlwind of anecdotes which mostly center around his anxieties (like finding mangoes intimidating) and slightly morbid obsessions, like how he would react if he ever got attacked and also how he’d like to die.  He is an accomplished comedian whose material is intelligently written, captivating and dripping with cynicism yet you will leave feeling anything but jaded.

I was most impressed by his confidence and effortless command of both the stage and the crowd.  Even a confused whispering audience member whose phone subsequently rang didn’t faze him – he took it in his stride and handled it brilliantly, as if it was all part of the set.  He has a natural charm and friendly disposition which is evident through his regular interactions and banter with the audience.

His ability to inject humor into just about anything is what makes this such an excellent and enjoyable show.  He tends to dip in and out of stories and go off on tangents – I wondered if we would ever find out what the deal was with that teapot! – but he does so masterfully; all the time holding our attention with ease, keeping us hooked and wanting more.

Spot The Difference is loads of fun, endlessly entertaining and genuinely very funny.  Chris is definitely one to watch as he is undoubtedly one of the rising stars in the comedy circuit.  I already cannot wait for his next show!

The Whimsical Banana rates Spot The Difference: 5/5 bananas!                                                                                                                                            

Chris Martin is performing at The Classic until Saturday May 4th (click here for tickets) before heading to Wellington where he will be performing at The San Francisco Bathhouse from May 7th (click here for tickets).  He is also part of this year’s Comedy Convoy which kicks off May 13th.

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