Edinburgh Fringe 2014

Edinburgh Fringe 2014

My Reviews from the 2014 Edinburgh Festival Fringe:
(To view them as a list on the Broadway Baby website, click here!*)
*Note: reviews on pages 4-7 are from 2013

Black Faggot (Theatre)

Titty Bar Ha Ha – Hard Time (Comedy)

David Morgan – Social Tool (Comedy)

On the Upside Down of the World (Theatre)

Harriet Dyer – Barking at Aeroplanes (Comedy)

White Rabbit Red Rabbit (Theatre)

Pete Firman – Trickster (Comedy)

In Vogue: Songs by Madonna (Cabaret)

The Generation of Z: Edinburgh (Theatre)

The Last Motel (Theatre)

Morgan & West – Parlour Tricks (Comedy)

The Factory (Musical/Opera)

Ian D Montfort’s Midday Seance (Comedy)

Felicity Ward – The Iceberg (Comedy)

Gordon Southern – Your New Favourite Comedian (Comedy)

Stuart Goldsmith – Extra Life (Comedy)

Jason Byrne in You Name the Show (Comedy)

Vikki Stone – Instrumental (Comedy)

Another F*cking Variety Show (Cabaret)

Markus Birdman – 2B or Not to Be (Comedy)

Jonny Awsum – Sexy Noises (Comedy)

Tom Binns Has Not Been Himself (Comedy)

Katherine Ryan – Glam Role Model (Comedy)

Tom Rhodes – Colossus (Comedy)

Chris Martin – Responsibilliness (Comedy)

Black Grace (Dance/Physical Theatre)

The Covenanter (Musical/Opera)

Dan Nightingale is Trying His Best Not to Be a Dick (Comedy)

Des Bishop – Made in China (Comedy)

Tiernan Douieb – Read Something (Comedy)

Al Donegan – The Five Worst Things I Ever Did (Comedy)

Miss Fletcher Sings the Blues (Cabaret)

The Walking Dead (Comedy)

Chris Dugdale – More Magic and Mischief (Theatre)

Henry Paker – Unpacked (Comedy)

Tom Craine – Thoughts on Love (By a Man With None of the Answers) (Comedy)

Danny Ward – Infra Dig (Comedy)

Andrew Bird – Up Against It (Comedy)

Bacchanalia (Cabaret)


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