10 signs you know you’ve become more of a gamer-geek than a movie-geek

1. You are more in the know of what games are releasing/being made vs what movies are coming soon

2. Friends want to borrow games from you and not your movies (I still do have a lot more movies than I do games though!!)

3. Friends ask you what games you are currently playing, not what films you have seen lately

4. Friends recommend you games you need to play, not films you should watch

5. You head to the Games section first in JB Hi-Fi whereas before it used to be Movies

6. You don’t feel so much like a “fish out of water” anymore when you go in to EB Games

7. You can spend hours playing The Sims, not only creating many “families” and building the ultimate dream homes, but mapping out the entire neighborhood!!

8. You own game memorabilia – I have a beanie with a Sims plumbob on it, a replica gun from Bayonetta, and several guide books

9. You SO want a Playstation Move even if it’s just for one game (for now, at least!!)

10. You start getting obsessed with collecting trophies

11. Instead of drooling over Hollywood hotties, you think Nathan Drake is pretty damn cute ^_^


Okay so that was 11 signs, I lied 😛  Oh how I have changed in the last few years…  In all seriousness though, even though I started playing games from a very young age – back in the days of the infamous clone console, Micro Genius, only known to those who grew up in Asia hehehe – it was only as an alternative mode of entertainment, nothing more.

I’m glad that my world now includes games because it truly is a remarkable entertainment medium.  I’ve always believed – and I still do – that film is an incredible medium because (a good film) has the ability to suck you in to an alternate universe for a good (on average) 90-120 minutes.  Good ol’ escapism and all that!!  The thing with games is it can do just that too, and so much more. Because the beauty about games is that it is largely interactive; the gameplay actively and often directly engages with you.  Yes in a good scary film you feel scared, if the character is played by a good actor you feel what they feel and you root for them to survive, etc etc.  But in a game, you often are that character.  So not only are you made to immerse directly in that game’s world, but if done well, you can completely embody and be that character.  And if a game succeeds in doing that, it is an amazing experience.  Heavy Rain did this very well, in my VERY humble opinion.  It’s definitely one of my favorite games but admittedly it did have it’s share of flaws, however I felt it succeeded in what it set out to do which was to be an “interactive film which involves moral choices” essentially.

With technology constantly improving – sorry I don’t know all the actual gaming engine names/tools/programs/jargon!! – what I’m really starting to love about games is that they can be made to look exactly like movies.  And to me, still having a passion for movies, this is the perfect mix, the best of both worlds!!  The Uncharted series is a perfect example.  Because I am completely hopeless at shooter games, I actually have never played the games myself.  But I was able to still enjoy and completely immerse myself in the world of Uncharted, relate to and invest in the characters, because it plays out like a movie.  The choice of camera angles, realism of the characters (not only physical look but also their personalities), the pacing and unfolding of the plot, as well as the accompanying soundtrack are simply incredible.

Some more serious gamers criticize games like this because they believe that games and movies are different mediums and so games should not try to be like movies – to an extent I do agree because I believe games have the potential to really push boundaries and go places that movies can’t and so they should take full advantage of that.   But at the same time I also feel that if they have the means and resources and it is the gamemaker’s intention to produce it to look like a movie – then why the hell not?  To each their own, I always say.

Uncharted 3 is looking really awesome so far – can’t wait ’til November!!  I’m considering actually attempting to play Uncharted – on VERY EASY MODE, of course!! – in the hopes that by the time November rolls along maybe I would have had enough target practice (literally) to be able to play the new installment.  Still toying with the idea…

Wow I can’t believe I just wrote a whole post on games.  I guess I just made my 12th sign 😛

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  1. Cool stuff really enjoyed reading this. I thihk games are a really great medium that is maturing quickly. You should check out LA Noir which is supposed to have a really good story. And im addicted to playstation move too lol. Ill have to bring it over.

    • YAY my first comment, I’m not talking to nothing-ness after all!! *phew* Good to hear you enjoyed reading the post. Funny you should mention LA Noire because I was chatting on FB with another friend today who suggested that I would like it too!!

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