Foodie Adventure, Destination: Sydney

So it’s been a week since I returned from my short holiday in Sydney. I meant to write about my time there earlier but I’ve actually been really exhausted since returning to Auckland; partly from being out and about for 5 days straight but also because I jumped straight back to work like barely a day after I touched down!! This week that I’ve been back, apart from work, I’ve really just been catching up on some zzz’s, I think I’m finally back into the swing of things though!

Sydney was awesome. There were a few hiccups but all in all I had an absolute ball of a time. 😀 I was pretty proud of myself that I managed to navigate around the city fairly well, especially considering how bad my sense of directions are and also considering that on trips, I always rely on someone else to figure out where to go and how to get there!

It was great catching up with some old mates, of course, but what I enjoyed most about the trip was just being in a different country (albeit a very similar one to NZ!), exploring unfamiliar grounds, taking in the sights and just enjoying being in a bigger and livelier city. It’s amazing how much more life there is just across the ditch, so many shops and all open ’til much later which is probably what annoys me most about living here! Although I have to say I’m no longer used to the crowds, having lived in Auckland for so long. As much as I do love hustle-and-bustle, it was a tad too “busy” for my liking all the same…I swear Sydney has grown in population in the last couple of years!

I’d been to Sydney before, about 2 years back, but what was interesting about this 2nd trip was this time I was going as a recent-self-professed foodie. You see the place differently, you know? I have taken quite an interest in and passion for food in the last few months and I’ve had this mental list of restaurants that I simply had to visit should I make it to Sydney again. Of course I didn’t get to all of them, but I managed a few so I was/am happy 🙂 Thankfully the friend I was with is a fellow foodie too so it all worked out!

In the coming week(s) I will blog about the restaurants individually in separate posts as I want to give each one the undivided praise it deserves. I also want to add photos, of course!  I had the most amazing meals in my time in Sydney, some of the BEST food I have ever eaten. I really need to find out how to become a food critic, or a professional food blogger!

I want to start researching on good food/good restaurants/famous chefs in Auckland/NZ though. It’s ironic that I know so much of the who’s and what’s of the food industry in Australia but next to nothing of the industry in NZ.  Peter Gordon can’t be our only claim to fame, surely? If anyone out there knows of any good restaurants I should try in Auckland, please let me know!

BTW, Happy Easter everyone!  The rain hasn’t been great but hope everyone’s had their fair share of chocolate 🙂

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