The Illusionists: Witness The Impossible

The IllusionistsMagic is making a spectacular comeback thanks to the likes of the seven outstanding world class magicians that make up The Illusionists.  With a grand display of energetic dance, strobe lighting and pyrotechnics as well as support from a rocking live band, this is more than “just a magic show”.

The Trickster (Jeff Hobson) is the honorary host of the evening and he quickly forms a great rapport with the audience with his unique blend of magic and comedy.  His excellent aptitude at sleight of hand tricks along with his comically camp and cheeky antics with the crowd will both amuse and thoroughly entertain.

Dan Sperry, the Anti-Conjuror, appears intimidating and slightly sinister with his Marilyn Manson appearance but yet is also strangely alluring; he easily draws you in to his macabre world of impressive shock illusions – prepare to gasp and definitely cringe.  He leads you to believe he is a silent magician but his nail-biting game of Russian Roulette at the end proves he is quite the conversationalist.

The Inventor (Kevin James) is the embodiment of the art form as he seemingly magics things out of thin air and creates the impossible.  From physically putting together a person before our eyes to dismembering another, this unassuming but extremely skilled magician will leave you gobsmacked.

Philip Escoffey, The Mentalist, is a mind reader with swagger and a wry sense of humor which worked very well with his set.  I felt he had the greatest performance arc – initially coming across as not very convincing and rather facetious, he then proceeds to miraculously predict things that he couldn’t have possibly known.

The Gentleman (Mark Kalin) and The Enchantress (Jinger Leigh) are the archetypal magician and magician’s assistant duo and they use theatrics to give classic magic an added wow factor.  This brilliant duo are the consummate illusionists; their reinvented version of the infamous “sawing woman in half” and a literally gravity-defying trick will astound you.

Andrew Basso rounds up the ensemble as The Escapologist and as his name suggests, his skill is death-defying escapes.  This is the only time in the evening where the theater is devoid of sound and rife with tension; it was truly remarkable witnessing the escape unfold live before your eyes – I only wish he had another escape up his sleeve!

This sensational and spellbinding evening is complemented perfectly by Los Angeles band Z who kept the energy and excitement pumping from start to finish.  Additionally the large screen above that captures a close up view of what is happening on stage helps everyone be in on the action and is especially handy for the more intricate illusions.

The Illusionists is a visual spectacle that will impress, amaze and just blow your mind.  The seven magicians are absolute masters at their craft – prepare to be enthralled by an epic medley of jaw-dropping and extraordinary illusions.  You will witness the impossible.

The Whimsical Banana rates The Illusionists: 5/5 bananas!

The Illusionists will be at the majestic Civic Theatre until 2nd June.  This is an unmissable show so don’t miss out – get your tickets today!
Performance Times: Wed to Sat 7.30pm, Saturdays 2pm, Sundays 11am & 3pm, Tues 28 May, 6.30pm

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