Short+Sweet Festival 2013: Dance Gala Final

Short+Sweet DanceShort+Sweet Dance is now done and dusted and true to the tagline of this category the groups involved definitely danced up a storm!  I was thrilled to see that some of my personal favorites from the rounds had made it through to the Gala Final.

A few highlights for me: Sophie Follett’s Kei Wareware Tatou (Lest We Forget) was just as moving and riveting to watch the second time round as the first and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing the charming tale of The Crocodile And Monkey again by Prayas Youth Theatre.

Watching an encore of Melana Khabazi’s vivid and energetic Espressivo and also the cheeky and highly entertaining Body Party by Ula Naulutubutubu-Buliruarua actually made me appreciate these two performances even more.

I liked that the riotous dance doco Whose Dance Is It Anyway? by Phoebe Heyhoe and team showcased more dance routines this time round while still effortlessly delivering a very unique performance of hilarious improv and quick-witted banter with the audience.

Overall what an impressive display of creative storytelling through choreography and dance by all involved!  It is truly inspiring to see such fantastic and upcoming talent in this area of performing arts.

Congratulations to all the acts that made it to the Final and congrats also to those who left as award winners!

Here are my reviews of the rounds:
Short+Sweet Dance Week 1
Short+Sweet Dance Wildcard
Short+Sweet Dance Week 2

Next up: Short+Sweet Song!  Click here for details and to purchase tickets.

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