Intimacies: Sweet Thing

intimaciesBilled as “a hilarious satire and disturbing premonition of where society is headed”, Intimacies is made up of two thematically linked one-act plays – Sweet Thing and I’d Rather Be The Pope.  Unfortunately due to a cast member getting injured during rehearsals, the latter play could not go ahead on opening night.

Sally is a middle-aged woman who is emotionally scarred and has grown bitter from a less than ideal childhood but at the start of the play it looks like she is in the process of putting things right.  The reunion with Mum appears honest and heartfelt until Philip, Sally’s brother, shows up.  We soon discover that their mother is dead but Sally has cloned Mum as a way to deal with the unresolved issues from her childhood.

As the narrative unravels, so does Sally.  The events that unfold become progressively more ludicrous and like a fly on the wall we watch as Sally subsequently becomes increasingly unhinged. Rima Te Wiata is brilliantly cast as the over-dramatic Sally while Lynn Waldegrave and Ross Brannigan are equally credible as the devoted mother and eager-to-please brother.

Under the superb direction of Elena Stejko, the cast of three bring to the stage a truly warped sense of reality that is both outrageous and quite disturbing.  This story is written by award-winning local writer Stephen Sinclair and is an excellently crafted piece with great comedic moments woven into the narrative.  It also delivers some clever social commentary on modern technology, specifically what would happen if we (mis)used it for selfish reasons.

Sweet Thing is a highly entertaining piece and a comical exploration on how new technologies can distort the way we interact with one another.  It’s a shame I did not get to see the second play as the plot sounds just as intriguing but I am hoping to catch it before the season ends!

The Whimsical Banana rates Sweet Thing: 4/5 bananas!

Intimacies is produced by Sweet Thing Productions and is at the Musgrove Studio, Maidment Theatre until July 27th.  For more information and to book tickets, click here.

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