Russell Howard: Wonderbox

Russell HowardAfter watching many episodes of Russell Howard’s Good News, I was keen to see how the man himself would perform when he swapped his host hat for a comedian one.  Indeed Howard is probably more known in association with his award-winning TV show but I am pleased to say that he is an adept comedian in his own right.

Wonderbox is Howard’s first tour in three years but he is far from rusty.  From the moment he took to the stage he had the audience eating out of his hand easily and hanging on to his every word – his charismatic disposition and magnetic stage presence just pulls you in.

Throughout the show, Howard regales the audience with stories from his life which include some amusing phobias and his jocular relationship with his mother.  He also makes it a point to regularly bring up local references to tailor the show to the crowd which was received very well.

As to be expected in most stand up comedy gigs, there are regular interactions with the crowd.  Howard’s jovial nature meant that these inevitably became shouted conversations across the auditorium yet these never felt distracting or contrived but very organic.  When one audience member got a little too excited by his participation in the show, instead of calling out the interruption, Howard seamlessly included the unplanned addition as if it was part of the set all along.

While his particular style of comedy is nothing too out of the ordinary, Wonderbox is wonderfully upbeat and extremely entertaining.  I found his comical observations and sometimes juvenile antics genuinely funny and surprisingly relatable.

Howard can more than hold his own and his material will have you in stitches.  If you are a fan of Russell Howard’s Good News, going to see him perform live is a must.  If you are not familiar with his work, give him a go anyway as you are guaranteed an evening of laughs.


Russell Howard is next performing at the Royal Albert Hall in London from April 14th – 17th.  Tickets will likely sell out so get in quick!  Click here to book tickets.

Wonderbox is also traveling to America, Australia and New Zealand – click here to see all tour dates and to book tickets.  For a taste of Russell Howard’s comedy, check out these videos.

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