…with a stranger…: Circus Travels to Stranger Lands

...with a stranger...The carnival is no longer just for kids, folks.  Touted as “arthouse circus”, …with a stranger… brings cabaret and carny to a whole new level in this sublime and scintillating collection of short vignettes delivered through breathtaking aerial dance and impressive circus acrobatics.

Created by renowned circus theatre company The Dust Palace, this visually stunning production is an intriguing study of human nature and the concept of duality.  It explores the idea that intimacy can exist among strangers just as much as it can lack between lovers.

The choreography is heavily influenced by the style of revered Montreal circus troupe Les 7 Doigts de la Main (The Seven Fingers of the Hand) and is performed flawlessly by a star-studded cast of Auckland’s top circus performers.  This extremely talented ensemble display staggering strength and incredible control both on the ground and in the air, defying gravity and contorting their bodies in ways that will leave you awestruck.

Mike Edward and Eve Gordon, who are also the co-founders of The Dust Palace, share an electric chemistry and are simply astounding on aerial silks.  Equally impressive are Rochelle Mangan’s and Zach Washer’s superb skills with the aerial hoop and aerial chain respectively.  Edward Clendon showcases great aptitude with the more ground-based gymnastics and Geof Gilson rounds up the cast nicely as more of an observer of the stories that unfold.

What further enhances this spellbinding evening is the intimate atmosphere that comes from the physical space itself.  The circular stage and cabaret-style seating work effectively with the mood lighting and superb sound design to create a truly immersive experience.  This is a show that really needs to be witnessed live as words alone just cannot do it full justice.

…with a stranger… is a mesmerizing and jaw-dropping visual spectacle and an absolute theatrical masterpiece.  Circus does not get any sexier and more dangerous than this.

The Whimsical Banana rates …with a stranger…: 5/5 bananas!

…with a stranger…  is on at 8pm at TAPAC –  100 Motions Road, Western Springs until June 22nd (no shows Mondays and Tuesdays).  Click here for more details and to buy tickets.

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