MICF 2014: Adam Richard – Gaypocalypse

Adam Richard - MICF 2014Reviewed by The Laughing Kiwi

If you’ve ever seen Adam Richard do any kind of stand up before, you will know that it’s going to get graphic and filthy, so much so that you feel a shower would be an appropriate chaser. But if you can stomach it, it’s worth it as his material is so funny.

Adam Richard is a flamboyant local comedy icon with ten years of breakfast radio under his belt as well as his landmark appearances on Celebrity Dog School and the belly-flopped Celebrity Splash. Known for not holding back, Richard is well versed in letting people know exactly how things work, sans society-induced sugar-coating and gloss.

Gaypocalypse takes the audience all over the place, but in a way that we never feel lost. Richard makes us take a very serious and sincere look at the zombified remains of a life, when it ends and when things change. He explores the idea that life ending doesn’t mean it is the end; that it could just be the end of an era or just a monumental event that changes the path of your life.

Richard tackles and answers many questions throughout the show. Who are the government and government lobbyists hiding behind the excuses of “boat people” and reneging the marriage equality laws? Who should be sent to combat the environmental impact of a deity’s anger? Who should you get to organise a dance party?

This well-seasoned performer manages to eloquently take us through a whole segment of life, giving us several different perspectives and letting us choose our own adventure and opinions when it comes to what really matters in life. Gaypocalypse is a beautiful compilation of sentimentality, storytelling and a bum sex joke at the end to lighten the mood and wrap it up nicely.

Adam Richard is in the Backstage Room at the Melbourne Town Hall until April 20th (not Mondays).  For more details and to book tickets, click here.

MICF 2014: James Acaster – Lawnmower

James AcasterReviewed by The Laughing Kiwi

James Acaster’s sweet and boyish charm has always helped him win over the audience and in this year’s show that certainly hasn’t changed.  Lawnmower gives this seasoned and successful crowd favourite the perfect opportunity to unveil his latest material to an audience who is all too ready to listen.

Throughout the show Acaster talks about what he considers the best of life.  You get to hear the best of his business ideas, presumably for if comedy doesn’t work out, and some excellently thought out opinions on what and who you should, and shouldn’t, take to an orchard and a night club.  For the first time we also get some brilliant character acting from him which is truly riveting stuff.

Acaster’s usually soft spoken and eloquent on-stage persona is not likely to offend so this is a show you can easily bring mum and dad to without worry.  The few times that this persona is broken, it is done with perfectly thought out, comedic precision that catches the audience off guard almost every time, leading to a spectacular explosion of laughter.

Another highlight is when he re-enacts some of the best music of our age before going on to debate about them in a timely fashion.  I thought he had some interesting thoughts about the trends of late adopters who claim ownership of current musical masterpieces which were originally discarded.

It’s hard to see how anyone could go wrong in going to see this show.  Acaster is a brilliant performer whose style of comedy is appropriate for all ages.


James Acaster is performing in the Cloak Room at the Melbourne Town Hall until April 20th (not Mondays).  For more details and to book tickets, click here.

*Editor note: Check out what I thought of James Acaster’s show when he performed at last year’s NZ International Comedy Festival – here is my review!

MICF 2014: Lawrence Mooney is a Stupid Liar

Lawrence MooneyReviewed by The Laughing Kiwi

There is a particular level of class anticipated in a Lawrence Mooney show and this quality is just as present this year. At the start, Mooney firmly describes the tale behind the show’s title and in the hour goes on to illustrate why it is indeed accurate.

Lawrence Mooney is a Stupid Liar is rife with the classic Mooney charm, the kinds that fans will probably know quite well. A cheeky grin before a brilliant line in a naughty joke leaves the audience either laughing or trying to suppress their laughter because they think they shouldn’t laugh.

Throughout the show, Lawrence effortlessly rolls out some brilliant material about his current life and his marriage. He talks about the joys of new parenthood specifically the dos and don’ts surrounding it, fortunately leaving most of the clichés of comedy in that area relatively untouched.

This is an hour of comedic excellence that gives you an insight in to the average man in his 40’s. We learn the motivations behind Mooney’s actions, his experimental nature and a story about nesting that leaves us wanting to do some avian Google-ing to help answer some of the big questions in life.

Lawrence Mooney is a Stupid Liar is for anyone who can handle a mature level of conversation, or if you like dinosaurs. If you also like a bit of a dirty joke told in between some tales that can make you laugh just a little too hard because you can relate just a little too much, then Mooney will knock it out of the park for you.


Lawrence Mooney is a Stupid Liar is at the Melbourne Town Hall until April 12th (not Mondays).  For more details and to book tickets, click here.

From mid-May you will also be able to see Mooney back on ABC2 for season two of Dirty Laundry Live.