MICF 2014: Timothy Clark and Sam Petersen – Prettygoodfellas

Prettygoodfellas - MICF 2014Reviewed by The Laughing Kiwi

I would have loved to have seen the initial ideas being thrown around for this show. Regardless of how it was conceived, the end result is a well-rehearsed show that is packed with larrikinism.

The concept of Prettygoodfellas is a simple one: Timothy Clark and Sam Petersen always wanted to be what they call ‘gangster comedians’. In this show they get to do just that; pulling off the heist of the century and bringing the audience along for the ride.

At the start of the show, we are informed that we are hostages and are left hoping that if their jokes “kill”, that it’s purely metaphorically. Clark and Petersen are suitably clad for the occasion and they each get a turn to deliver a solo set.

Sam ‘Hairtrigger’ Petersen is up first and his material ranges from politics at home to stories of true London hospitality. The duo are then reunited briefly and some discussion is had about how their heist is going. Authorities are consulted, an audience spokesman is chosen before Tim “Wildcard” Clark takes to the stage. During his set, he dispels rumours of flatting, rolls out some fantastic pop culture and music references, and tells us tales of exposure to semi-racist dad jokes.

Complete with audio cameos from Greg Fleet and a surprise appearance from a well-known big name, Prettygoodfellas constantly has you wondering where it’s going to go next. The show’s climax has some brilliant reveals and a spectacular plot twist. There is also some over-acting that would be perfectly at home alongside Ian Smith (or “Harold” from Neighbours as he is better known as on the panto circuit in England), yet it still manages to perfectly fit in to the show’s premise and with the personality of the comedians.

Clark and Petersen were clearly nervous on the night as it was their first performance and show together and while there is a lot of room for improvement, considering it is their first production, the show is well delivered. They are definitely comedians to watch and I look forward to watching them develop and seeing what they produce when they are more seasoned.

3-starsPrettygoodfellas is at the Imperial Hotel every day throughout the festival.  For more details and to book tickets, click here.