MICF 2014: Lindsay Webb – What’s Your Name, What Do You Do?

Lindsay Webb - MICF 2014Reviewed by The Laughing Kiwi

The title of this show should give away the premise, forewarning the audience that this will be quite an interactive show. After a brief introduction and some witty throw-away jokes, Lindsay Webb lulls the audience in to the sense of safety and security which is all but mandatory for a show that requires us to be relaxed and happy enough to reply to his inquisitions without hesitation.

What’s Your Name, What Do You Do? is either spectacular improv or a seamless display of well-honed and rehearsed one liner responses to the most common of answers to his questions. Regardless of which it is this aspect of the show appeared effortless and flawless, with Webb showing that he was as relaxed with what he was delivering, as we were to hear it.

In the last twenty minutes, Webb drops his guard and lets us in to his world. He recounts an event which clearly panicked him at the time, or at least played upon his paranoia, and had the audience on the edge of their seats, listening to every detail. This brilliant tale brought forth a multitude of laughs from the crowd, particularly at Webb’s guilt, and while his pain was obvious, sometimes that’s the hit you need to take for your art.

Even though the show I attended had a disappointing turnout, there were no awkward silences and Webb had everyone in the room laughing hard. The fact that he was able to get so much from such a small crowd speaks volumes in and of itself for the quality of his work.

What’s Your Name, What Do You Do? is a brilliant hour of comedy. It is a beautifully choreographed play on words expertly delivered to the standard that one would expect from a comedian as seasoned as this nine year veteran of comedy.


Lindsay Webb is performing at the Downstairs Lounge at the Swanston Hotel until April 20th (not Mondays).  For more details and to book tickets, click here.