Welcome Back, Jason :)

After a few years hiatus – not counting his recent tour – Mr. A-Z is back and better than ever!!  He had a lot to live up to after the incredible success of his last studio album We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things and I’m so stoked to say he doesn’t disappoint with his newest single I Won’t Give Up which released just yesterday to the excitement of all us MRAZians 😀

I first heard this song when he performed it in Auckland and fell in love with it within like 5 seconds!  The tempo is quite “sleepy” and the melody is very simple but as an overall track it works and is just so beautiful.  The lyrics are (mostly) short and succinct – which is an oddity when it comes to his songs! – but so meaningful and heartfelt.

I’ve always enjoyed Jason’s music videos because they are so different from what is out there.  His videos are carefully thought out and just so unique.

I won’t say any more but as always, will let Jason work his magic!

*Cue plug for Jason Mraz (not like he needs it!!)

If you have fallen in love with this song, please purchase it on iTunes so you can listen to it over and over again!

Cannot wait for his new album but this song should tide me over.  On We Sing, We Dance, We Steal Things the song I could listen to over and over again was A Beautiful Mess (still is!); I Won’t Give Up is definitely this year’s Beautiful Mess – I can already tell!

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