Whimsical Banana Recommends: Community

It’s been a couple of weeks only but I’m incredibly stoked to announce here that the Whimsical Banana is now the resident reviewer at FOUR 😀

I’ve been reviewing Community and prior to having this gig I actually had never watched nor heard anything about it but boy am I glad I have now because Community is bloody fantastic!  For a TV addict I’m actually pretty appalled at myself for not having stumbled upon it sooner.

For the uninitiated, Community is a sitcom that is set in a community college and which centers around a group of “misfit” students that form an unlikely bond when they become a part of a study group created accidentally by Jeff Winger (played by Joel McHale, host of The Soup), an ex-lawyer who is forced to go back to college when his firm discovered he had lied about his education.

Every episode will have you gasping for breath – it is funny as hell; lots of pop culture references and heavy use of meta-humor.  The writing is absolutely spot on, with every jibe and joke timed perfectly and delivered effortlessly by the stellar cast.  It is just such a refreshing TV show; there’s really nothing like it out there today, I reckon.

So if you have never watched Community, I highly recommend that you do!  And please support yours truly by checking out what I have to say about each episode each week.  I have created a page (to your right) which will take you directly to the reviews.  I will, of course, be updating this weekly as my reviews go live.

Click on the image to learn more about the show – if you live in New Zealand you will be able to watch the episodes online.

P.S. – If you were scratching your head wondering where you knew the chick in the middle from, she is none other than Alison Brie who also plays Trudy Campbell on Mad Men!  Talk about playing a completely different character…and era!

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