NZICF 2013: Elis James

Elis James

Elis James is not only a top notch comedian, he is the consummate storyteller.  And the reviews are all true – this lovely Welshman really is one of the most likeable comics around.

There is a lot to love and laugh about in this hour-long show.  Elis’ friendly persona coupled with his wonderfully animated style of storytelling make him an absolute joy to watch.  Over the course of the show, we are treated to a myriad of hilarious anecdotes from getting “song raped” to that one time he had a brief but eventful connection with One Directions’ Harry Styles.

Each tale is structured superbly and delivered flawlessly but what really takes it to the next level is the accompanying comical re-enactments and the odd song and dance which are slipped in at just the opportune moments in the narrative.  This performance element adds a whole new layer of comedy and entertainment to an already outstanding set.

As the show progresses, each story becomes increasingly funnier and more ludicrous that it’s almost too good to be true.  Yet Elis recounts them with such authenticity and conviction that you are completely captivated and buy in to what he is telling you – the mark of an exceptional raconteur.

I cannot recommend this show enough – the material is delightfully witty, highly engaging and funny as hell.  Ellis makes being a stand up comedian absolutely effortless.  Another fantastic and super talented up-and-comer everybody should have their eyes on.

The Whimsical Banana rates Elis James: 5/5 bananas!

Elis James will be performing at The Classic Studio until May 11th (not the 5th).  For tickets, click here.

Due to popular demand, Elis has added an extra show on Saturday May 11th at 5:30pm!

NZICF 2013: Comedy All Stars – First Night at the BMC

Comedy All Stars

This year’s ensemble comedy night at the Bruce Mason Centre was a “best of the British” affair and boy was it an absolute cracker!

Stuart Goldsmith, the  “dirty – but in a good way” compère was loads of fun and effortlessly kept the audience not only well and truly entertained but in high spirits (and hysterics!) throughout.  His charm and charisma is truly infectious – very disappointed that he is not doing a solo show!

Kicking things off was Welshman Elis James who regaled us with hilarious stories about a drunken couple at a wedding and the time he was a one-song-wonder Christmas caroler.  His seamless ability to tell a bloody good story – which includes amusing re-enactments – coupled with his likeable persona will leave you wanting more. 

Up next was the affable Andrew Bird who kept the audience hooked with his animated slice-of-life anecdotes.  His tales ranged from family life involving his “pet human” to dealing with vague cooking measurements (I will never read “knob of butter” the same again!) to my personal favorite – his failed attempt at being not at home at home.

Markus Birdman brought along a slight change in energy with his more edgy style of comedy.  His material is a little on the crass side so is not for everyone but if you are not easily offended, he is an entertaining act.  Talking candidly about sex, relationships and neo-Nazi fashion, he leaves no stone unturned.

After the interval, James Acaster takes to the stage.  He really impressed me at the Comedy Gala so was very keen to see more!  Do not be fooled by the understated demeanor and deadpan style – he is sharp as a tack.  His set is self-indulgent but not in an arrogant way and is incredibly witty and delivered impeccably.

Closing the show is Chris Martin, another favorite of mine from the Gala.  He easily captures and holds the audience’s attention as he relays his jaded perspective of every day things.  His material is deliciously cynical but oddly compelling and easy to relate to.  And most importantly, it’s funny as hell!

Most if not all of these superb acts are performing again at the BMC this coming Saturday (May 4th).  If you are looking to get some laughs this weekend, look no further!  To buy tickets and for more details, click here.

You can also catch them at The Big Show which runs weeks 2 and 3 of the festival – click here for details.

The Whimsical Banana rates Comedy All Stars: 5/5 bananas!